Friday, June 28, 2013

Questions a 30 year old mom asks herself

1. Is it ok that on hot days, I get excited about "relaxing in the pool," and this is what I mean?

2. Why does the only ice cream stand in walking distance of our home refuse to accept debit cards in this day and age? 

It's getting a little embarrassing to pay with checks.

3. How is it possible to leave home thinking I'm put together, only to catch a glimpse of myself in a mirror somewhere looking like a "person of Walmart?"


4. Why don't we use words like "swimmingly" or phrases such as "run like the dickens?" Even when I make it a New Year's resolution to employ them, I always forget.

5. Why do small children not find it gross to get on their bellies and look for a "snack" under the refrigerator every time they pass by?

6. How is it possible to give birth and suddenly morph into the exact type of mom that used to annoy you?

7. Why does reading one home improvement blog make me convinced that I need to redesign, revamp and repurpose everything I own?

8. I feel the need to clean a previous user's mess so the person in line next for my toilet stall won't think I made it. Why is this?

9. How can one fitting room mirror make you go from "I'm lookin' good!" to "Tomorrow morning I'm getting up early and running 5 miles ... and then doing crunches?"

10. Why do I enter a time warp when my child takes a nap, wherein two hours has passed and it feels like 20 minutes?

Feel free to add your own mysteries to this list!


  1. I love your blog! We are horrible about never having cash too. On Valentine's Day my husband had to drive the entire way around the Baltimore beltway to get to the restaurant we wanted because neither one of us had enough cash to pay the toll to get through the tunnel. I say keep writing those checks with pride. P.S. You are adorable and I love your $1 hat. We do dollar tree flip flops often.

  2. Thanks! Haha, the toll situation sounds like something we'd do! Haha, and I remember one time we actually HAD cash and we pulled up to a toll to find that the two lanes open were "trucks only" and "EZPass only." The "cash" lane was blocked off! We were like, 'Ok, guess we're just going to drive through the EZPass lane and get a ticket or something.' We never did though.